Series Five, Episode Three
Dragons' Den episode
Series 5x3
Episode no. 38
Number of Investments Made 1
Original airdate: 29 October 2007
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The Third Episode of Series Five of Dragons' Den, presented by Evan Davis.

Companies Pitched Edit

  • Tangle Teezer, pitched by, Shaun Pulfrey. He did not receive investment.
  • Hot Stove, pitched by, Al Brown and John Pordum. They did not receive investment
  • Cuddledry, pitched by, Helen Wooldridge and Polly Marsh. They did not receive investment.
  • Peaches of London, pitched by, Dina Parbat. did not receive investment.
  • RnB Nursery Rhymes, pitched by, Eddie Anderson. He did not receive investment.
  • Shuc, pitched by, Jill Parkinson. She did not receive investment.
  • Wheelie Spray, pitched by, Steve Boyce and Paul Chisolme. They did not receive investment
  • Edit UK, pitched by, Mark Wood. He did not receive investment.
  • Concentrate Design, pitched by, Mark Champkins. He received investment from Peter Jones.


James Caan
Duncan Bannatyne
Theo Paphitis
Deborah Meaden
Peter Jones

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