Mandala Aroma
Genre Beauty
No of Offers 0
Episode 1x2
Seeking an Investment of £50,000
Equity Offering 10%

Mandala Aroma pitched before the dragons on Series One, Episode Two. The pitch was carried out by Gillian Kavannagh. They did not receive investment.


Premise of The CompanyEdit

Mandala Aroma creates organic aromatherapy products for the skin, the home and the body. They needed an investment for marketing.


Investment Requested: £50,000
Equity Offered: 10%


Rachel Elnaugh believed that the market was already saturated and that her products didn't stand out. Peter Jones liked  Gillian's entrepreneurship, but felt it was not a company he was looking to invest in, he felt she had not prepared as she had no Mandala Aroma logo on the products.

Gillian had already prepared this in visual format.

. Simon Woodruff felt Gillian had her finger on the pulse of trends, but it was not an industry he was familliar with and wished her good luck.


Gillian Kavanagh

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